The Nora Girls Fund

Nora Swimwear started out with the vision of empowering women around the world. For the first year and a half, we gave back a portion of each sale to an organization that gave women in low income situations a micro loan. While we still support and love this organization, we decided we wanted to give back in our own way. 

We're determined to have our vision of empowerment come full-circle and give women the extra push to go after their dream.

The Nora Girls Fund is a bursary that will be awarded to women with a mission. Whether it be a business idea, a research project, a campaign for change, or help with tuition, the Nora Girls Fund is open to any woman who needs the support.* 

Twice a year (12 months/ not a calendar year), an applicant will be chosen through a selection process that consists of review from our team and chosen external delegate, followed by interviews and verification.


Congratulations to Estefania Palacios for being selected as the winner of the very first Nora Girls Fund! 
Congratulations to Lauren Howell for being selected as the second winner of the Nora Girls Fund!



Applications open: all the time

Selection process: twice a year

Bursary winner announced: TBA

Applications will be considered for a full 12 months (2 rounds).


  • Open to female residents of Canada and the United States of America*

  • Open to any age

  • Must be prepared (but not necessary) to submit a business plan OR essay on what they would apply the bursary towards

*someone who identifies as a female


The amount of the bursary will be disclosed to the winning applicant upon final selection. The amount given is based on sales per quarter and to keep it fair we try to keep the two winners within the given 12 months the same amount.

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The following application is confidential and will not be distributed or shared without permission.